What is INDos No.
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INDoS (Indian National Database of Seafarers) is a computerized national database for quick reference by statutory authorities such as Flag State, Port State, Immigration & Employers etc. to prevent fraudulent issue of certificates, meeting regulatory requirements of STCW 95 Regulation 1/9.
INDoS No. on CoC is located as shown :
1. Hard Cover/ Booklet type CoC
    Indos No. is on Left Side of Photo
2. Paper CoC
    Indos No. is on Right Side of Photo
Indian National Database of Seafarer
STCW Certificate Verification System


Certificate CoC's and Revalidation
STCW Regulation
Chapters II & III, Regulations II & III, Parts 1, 2 & 3.
Combined with Chapter I, Regulation I, Part 11.
INDoS No. *
Date of Birth *
  The verification facility only verifies that whether a certificate has been issued to the named person by this department.In case of doubt further verification would be necessary, e.g. the holder's identity be checked against other identity documents.
Indian National Database of Seafarer