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Anti-Piracy Escort
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'Online registration' for availing Indian Navy escort in Gulf of Aden

    Indian Navy has been providing Naval Escort to International Shipping transiting the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) in Gulf of Aden since Oct 2008.

    In order to facilitate registration of vessels seeking Indian Navy escort through the IRTC, for 'on-line registration'. Briefly, there are two steps; first, for registration of a shipping company (owners, managers, operators, charterers, RPS agent etc) which automatically results in a generation of user ID and a password which is activated 72 hrs hence, and second, registration of a particular ship for a specific escort cycle.

    The monthly escort schedule will be available to all the users who have registered on the website. Schedule of convoy can be seen online after logging in with user ID & password. Shipping Companies can make applications in the prescribed format when requesting for the Indian Naval Escort for their vessels transiting the IRTC. The status of all applications can be viewed by shipping companies after logging on to the site. Window for registration for the Indian Navy escort cycle closes 3 days prior to scheduled date of the escort cycle. Shipping companies need to apply prior to closing of virtual window for booking. There will be a total of 12 ships per convoy.

    The 'online registration' module has been on 'trial run' since January 2012. The online module is now launched for accepting ‘live’ applications. All concerned are advised to henceforth register their companies and ships for availing the Indian Navy escort service.

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