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Directorate General of Shipping
  The following Assessors are qualified for the "Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers"
Sr.No. Name of Assessors Certificate No. Certificate Issue Date Certificate
1 A. Srinivasa Prasad DGS/AECS/19/01/01 27-OCT-2019 View
2 Anil Kumar Bhatia DGS/AECS/19/01/02 27-OCT-2019 View
3 Ashish Wankhede DGS/AECS/19/01/03 27-OCT-2019 View
4 Ashok Menon DGS/AECS/19/01/04 27-OCT-2019 View
5 Daniel John Joseph DGS/AECS/19/01/05 27-OCT-2019 View
6 Gauri Lal Meena DGS/AECS/19/01/06 27-OCT-2019 View
7 J. Senthil Kumar DGS/AECS/19/01/07 27-OCT-2019 View
8 Kaushalendra Gupta DGS/AECS/19/01/08 27-OCT-2019 View
9 Kelath Devadas DGS/AECS/19/01/09 27-OCT-2019 View
10 Mainkar Nitin Shailendra DGS/AECS/19/01/10 27-OCT-2019 View
11 Mohan Thyagarajan DGS/AECS/19/01/11 27-OCT-2019 View
12 Partha Pratim Saha DGS/AECS/19/01/12 27-OCT-2019 View
13 Pooran Chand Meena   DGS/AECS/19/01/13 27-OCT-2019 View
14 Prashant Yeshwant Manchalwar DGS/AECS/19/01/14 27-OCT-2019 View
15 Ravilisetty Rama Subbarao DGS/AECS/19/01/15 27-OCT-2019 View
16 Ravindra Krishna Sawant DGS/AECS/19/01/16 27-OCT-2019 View
17 S. Barik DGS/AECS/19/01/17 27-OCT-2019 View
18 Sajendra Oraon DGS/AECS/19/01/18 27-OCT-2019 View
19 Sankar Kumar Das DGS/AECS/19/01/19 27-OCT-2019 View
20 Santosh Darokar DGS/AECS/19/01/20 27-OCT-2019 View
21 Shrikant Yeshwant Limaye DGS/AECS/19/01/21 27-OCT-2019 View
22 Siddharth Shanker Agnihotri DGS/AECS/19/01/22 27-OCT-2019 View
23 Subramanian Somasundaram DGS/AECS/19/01/23 27-OCT-2019 View
24 Vikrant Rai DGS/AECS/19/01/24 27-OCT-2019 View
25 Ajay Gupta DGS/AECS/19/02/01 10-NOV-2019 View
26 Aniruddha Chaki DGS/AECS/19/02/02 10-NOV-2019 View
27 Arvind Kumar Sinha DGS/AECS/19/02/03 10-NOV-2019 View
28 Ashok Kumar Sharma DGS/AECS/19/02/04 10-NOV-2019 View
29 Gopikrishna Chockalingam DGS/AECS/19/02/05 10-NOV-2019 View
30 Jayanta Mukhopadhaya DGS/AECS/19/02/06 10-NOV-2019 View
31 Killi Mohan Rao DGS/AECS/19/02/07 10-NOV-2019 View
32 Kadakam Ramaswamy Sundaram DGS/AECS/19/02/08 10-NOV-2019 View
33 M.R.Borkar DGS/AECS/19/02/09 10-NOV-2019 View
34 Navtej Singh Chhabra DGS/AECS/19/02/10 10-NOV-2019 View
35 Papineni Gopi Nandan DGS/AECS/19/02/11 10-NOV-2019 View
36 Paul Vareed Vattathara DGS/AECS/19/02/12 10-NOV-2019 View
37 Pradip Kumar DGS/AECS/19/02/13 10-NOV-2019 View
38 Praveen Raghavan Nair DGS/AECS/19/02/14 10-NOV-2019 View
39 Purna Chandra Majhi DGS/AECS/19/02/15 10-NOV-2019 View
40 Rajendra Poswal DGS/AECS/19/02/16 10-NOV-2019 View
41 Ranjit Kumar Muduli DGS/AECS/19/02/17 10-NOV-2019 View
42 Ravindra Sagar DGS/AECS/19/02/18 10-NOV-2019 View
43 Sandeep Kohli DGS/AECS/19/02/19 10-NOV-2019 View
44 Satish Devdas Kamath DGS/AECS/19/02/20 10-NOV-2019 View
45 Subramania Iyer Viswanathan DGS/AECS/19/02/21 10-NOV-2019 View
46 Sudhir Kumar Shrivastava DGS/AECS/19/02/22 10-NOV-2019 View
47 Sujit Kumar Das DGS/AECS/19/02/23 10-NOV-2019 View
48 Sunil Kumar Prasad DGS/AECS/19/02/24 10-NOV-2019 View